The social network Twitter has been in the spotlight in recent hours. A massive hack forced the directors of this firm to suspend the accounts of dozens of personalities. The hackers requested Bitcoin, but at the same time, according to commentators, they also left a hidden message related to Monero.

The attackers placed messages in the accounts of countless celebrities. They requested transactions, which would be returned 2:1. But, according to dozens of users, there was something else in these messages.

Some of the personalities who were victims of the hacking of their accounts are Kim Kardashian, Joe Biden, Warren Buffett, Barack Obama, Bill Gates, among many others.

Massive Twitter attack

Although, superficially, it can be seen simply as a scam using a fraudulent scheme, users see an alleged hidden message ranging from the use of Bitcoin to Monero. Beyond this, the social network acted and momentarily suspended posts from verified accounts.
Among other measures, according to the BBC, the attacked users could not change account passwords. This was to prevent cyber attackers from taking over the accounts for good.

Hours later, Twitter reported that it was a „coordinated attack“ aimed at its employees. They said this, since the hackers had access to internal systems and tools.

„We know that they used this access to take control of many highly visible accounts (including checks) and tweet in your name,“ wrote the account in reference to the massive attack.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey said he was overwhelmed: „It was a difficult day for us on Twitter. We all feel terrible that this happened.

Who is behind the attack on Twitter?

Between Bitcoin Profit and Monero, the alleged hidden message
Many Reddit users agreed that, behind the simple scam attempt by the pirates, there was a hidden message between the lines. The same one requesting Bitcoin, but with the best usability of Monero in mind.

Blockchain’s data reflects that a user (not yet identified), sent the following message: „Pending reading this, you are at risk by using Bitcoin for this type of messages on Twitter because Bitcoin is traceable, why not Monero?

So far it’s unclear if this message was sent by the hackers or by the users who sent Bitcoin to them. In that same order, it’s worth noting that if the attack is successful and the hackers go unpunished, both Bitcoin and Monero could come out well as tools to get around controls.